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Shoulder injuries, Neck pain, Knee pain, Diagnosis and treatment. Physiotherapy at home, Post- operative, chronic pain management, manipulations, Massage, injections, Physiotherapist in Alton Clinic provide an excellent level of care and treatment. Our physiotherapists provide advanced assessment and holistic treatments like massage, mobilizations and acupuncture for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions like lower back pain, headaches and bad posture serving Alton Hampshire, Farnham and surrounding areas. We also have in house Diagnostic Ultrasound for musculoskeletal conditions like rotator cuff tear, tendonosis or ligament injuries. We also provide expert post- operative rehabilitation after total knee or hip replacement.

We assess, diagnose and clinically reason what can be causing the problem. Patients are explained in plain and simple way about their possible condition e.g.why you have a ‘dodgy knee’, why your back is playing up or why you have stiffness and soreness in muscles or joints first thing in the morning. Physios use the variety of manual therapy skills like manipulation of joints, soft tissue release and trigger point therapy to treat the symptoms and underlying cause. Our aim is to minimize pain and maximize function by using tailored exercise programme along with hands-on treatment. Physiotherapy in Alton Hampshire, Physio near me, Physiotherapist in Farnham, Physiotherapist in Alton Hampshire, Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic in Alton, Running injuries' treatment, Physiotherapist in Four marks, Best Physio in Alton,

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